Candelabra / dim: 30x50 cm 2 parts disconnected african wood + pure wax bees candle

I work in the biggest studio in the world : THE NATURE I live in each environment with the minimum. Nothing is static, nothing is superfluous, and space is my priority. In nature you have space, in nature things constantly move and evolve. I create these contrasts of archaic rituals and modern design.     


Bathroom / Yaffo project
Kitchen - Yaffo project


Israel Abou imagines and conceives spaces that invite you to reflect on the essential. Silhouettes, materials, finishes, and colours come together to showcase the light of a room, or the function of an object. Between interior design and artistic installation, Israel Abou offers a unique vision of an art of life, focused on quality and simplicity. When we pare back to the core, away from the superfluous, we reconnect with our inner being and journey back to our crucial nature.


Every piece of furniture in the living areas is carefully tailor-made by Israel Abou, and coupled with a precise selection of existing objects, from bowls and candle holders to delicate glassware and lighting fixtures. Materials mix to reveal the beauty of spaces, conceived with lightness, modularity and multi-functionality in mind. We also develop series of ceramics for the tabletop, tailored to the identity of each location. Our 2 showrooms, in Tel-Aviv and in Yafo have been custom-designed down to the smallest detail.

Open clothet + speaker Variable dimensions / Custom-made for each interior
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Yakushima room - Guest house

To unwind at the heart of the bustling city. To sleep, to eat, to work, to rest, in the peace and quiet.


For booking

15 Albert Kiosso is a large apartment with 2 beautiful bedrooms and a bright and airy living area. Located in the old Ajami Arab quarter, this multi-functional space pairs the beauty of ancient times with modern comfort. It sits a stone-throw away from the buzzing HaPichpechim quarter and its nightly bustle, but in a quiet area that ensures peaceful sleep. It can also be booked for bespoke meals or events.

This location showcases unique pieces designed by the studio, handmade in Israel. All are available on order.

Astier de Villatte ceramics


Negev room - Guest house


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2 Sharabi, the point of origin. A boutique and gallery, with a carefully curated selection of handmade objects by French and Japanese brands. Delicate ceramics, incense sticks and candles, or genderless clothing can be purchased on site. French sensibility meets Japanese modernity.

Located on one of the quietest and most charming streets of the Neve Tsedek neighbourhood, shaded by blossoming bougainvilliers, the space can also be rented for a peaceful stay. Calm and tranquillity await you in these 2 rooms apartment, perfect for couples or creatives in search of inspiration.


Israel Abou would be happy to host you in its restorative guest houses. Each space has been chosen for its natural light, its cool air - even in summer - , and its traditional charm, layered with our contemporary design. Combining influences from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, all has been lovingly considered so guests can recharge in complete tranquillity.

Approached as multi-functional spaces, our peaceful and comfortable environments can be used as places to work, meet and share, or places to rest, meditate and practice yoga. Upon request, you can enjoy a one-on-one dinner or group event, prepared by our French chef. Vegan, vegetarian or not, his .cuisine fuses Asian, European and Mediterranean flavours

.Every item can be purchased and taken home as a token of this experience

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A selection of unique objects for everyday life. Quality, simplicity, purity and oddity.


Israel Abou selects garments outside of fashions or seasons. A permanent collection aims at simplifying our vesture and move away from over-consumption, to come back to the essential. Play with layers to modulate hot and cold, and build your wardrobe around basic colours.


Israel Abou digs up original workwear pieces from the 40s and 50s, made with impressively strong textiles and natural dyes. Other items are inspired by traditional French clothing from the early 20th century.


To move around lightly and easily. Ideal for Tel Aviv, the TokyoBike concept for slower lifestyles perfectly integrates with the urban landscape of the White City. The lightness and finesse of these bikes enable them to fit in any interior design.


The candles are made in a workshop in the south of France, by a master candle-maker who has perfected the art of wax preparation. The process is highly artisanal and requires a systematic quest for the nest ingredients: wax, perfume, glass and savoir-faire.

The wax used to make Astier de Villatte candles is unique, 100% natural and free of paraffin, petrochemical byproducts and GMO’s. Its unusually supple and soft texture is a mark of purity. The mixture of soy oil, secret plant ingredients and a smidgeon of bees wax formulated by the master candle-maker is perfectly adapted to the scent, releasing it perfectly whether burning or unlit.

The ingredients used to make the scents consist of the nest possible essential oils, absolutes and other raw materials. Astier de Villatte is the only manufacturer of scented products to print the full list of ingredients on its packaging.

Astier de Villatte candles contain the highest possible concentration of perfume for scented candles. Most of the different candles in the collection have a perfume concentration of 12%.


To develop its vision for a new Art-of-Life, Israel Abou selects collections of tableware such as handmade ceramics or handblown glasses, made following ancient techniques from the Parisian region. Incense is made by Japanese monks, and candles by a natural wax master in the South of France. Stationary products are manufactured by a mischievous printer who never uses identical colours, while a Swiss soap completes this collection of unique heirlooms.


Thanks to its favourable climate, the best incense in the world comes from Awaji, just off the coast of Kobe. The Koh-shis, masters of scent, make incense in line with a thousand year old tradition that is handed down from father to son. They alone perfectly master the four production stages. First, the all-natural ingredients are prepared and mixed: exotic woods, plants and herbs, vegetable resin and perfume. Then the paste is kneaded, squeezed and shaped before being left to rest for two weeks to soak up the perfume. The hand-rolled, long, thin ribbons are then cut by hand to the desired length and left to dry in the west wind for three days before being gathered into bundles. Each box contains 125 sticks with a burning time of 30 minutes each.