Since 1998

I’m an artist working in photography, film and performance art ( to my artistic practice, I worked as an art director for prestigious labels, such as Hermes, StudioCanal, Arjowiggins and more. In 2013 I relocated my atelier from Paris to Tel-Aviv, where I expended my vision from two-dimensional design into interior design, furniture and textile design.

My studio is located in 12th LILIENBLUM st. You are welcome.

Former Paris Studio
199 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011 Paris
Marble painting by Mathias Kiss


Press articles about Israël Abou 

Suitcase magazine, New York Times, Ideat, EL-AL magazine...

Made in Paris 

A selection of works from Paris

Hermes / Photo campain
Website: Les Ailes d’Hermes
Agency: AM-PM

Mulholland Drive / Presskit
Director: David Lynch
Distributor: Studiocanal

Sterisheet / Art direction
Client: Arjowiggins

Made in Tel-Aviv 

A selection of branding work from Tel-Aviv