Israël Abou is a studio of creation founded in 1998 in Paris by the artist and photographer Gregory Abou.
Originally named MUM, Abou changed the name in 2013 when he install his atelier in Tel-Aviv.
Abou developp both in parralele his personnal artwork ( showcased in various contemporary Art Museum in Israël, and Art Fair and Gallery in Paris,
and Art Appliance for interior architecture, furniture and visual creation.

Abou started his carrer working as an Art director for prestigious labels, as Hermes, StudioCanal, Arjowiggins...
Step by step he started to enlarge his vision from paper to space, and designed and renovated few apartments in Paris and an ancient hotel in Normandy.

In israël, Abou started to created a unique concept store receving the confidence of prestigious french and japanese company to present their creation in his studio: Astier de Vilatte, Anatomica, La Boîte Concept, Tokyobike, Homecore.

The space located in Sharabi 2 got the attention of few special media; NYT, Ideat...

He developped his own collection of furniture and objects.

Studio of creation

Since 1998 / Paris-Tel-Aviv

MUM Studio
199 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011 Paris
Marble painting by Mathias Kiss

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Press articles about Israël Abou at Sharabi 2 - STLV

Suitcase, New York Times, Ideat...

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A selection of works from Paris

Hermes / Photo campain
Website: Les Ailes d’Hermes
Agency: AM-PM

Mulholland Drive / Presskit
Director: David Lynch
Distributor: Studiocanal

Sterisheet / Art direction
Client: Arjowiggins

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A selection of works from Tel-Aviv