BEITH 2023...

The project

The project BEITH consists of building four different houses, whose shape are inspired by sizes, forms and materials used in construction by past civilizations.

Each house will be placed in a different archaeological site, indicating the artists’ yearning for a simpler life and a connection to nature. At each site, the artist will experiment living in each one of the fragile houses he has built, in order to experience a new type of nomadic life. He will realize a series of performative studies (to be filmed) for each house and will create ritual objects as a means of connecting to the ancient past.

The Hebrew letter Beith ב is derived from the Egyptian hieroglyph         that signifies a house. The project BEITH questions the notion of “house” in both a physical and symbolic dimension. In today’s world, the meaning of house has become fluid. Where and how to install a house today? What shape and size should it be and what material should it be made from? Is it possible to return to nature with all the facilities that technology offers today? Can BEITH provide an alternative to the modern habitat and propose a means of dealing with pressing environmental issues?

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