Cathedral collection

Tables / Benches / candelabra

The cathedral collection is a serie of furniture; tables, bench and candelabre based on the idea of meditative object
Trianglular form that help to concentrate the energy and focus
Natural wood associated to japanese traditional carpentry

Modular dimensions 
80x240 each / wood & magnet
2 parts
Number 2 of 10 ex

Candelabre, 60 x 80 cm / wood, pliz wax beez candles, gold leaves  
Number 2 of 9 ex

Model N°1 / Private collection - Palaccio Venezia.

Frame collection

Clothet / Tables

The Frame collection is a serie of furniture; tables, clothet based on the idea of assemblage.
Rectangular form
Natural wood with japanese traditionel carpentry

Modualar clothet / 3 parts
Dim 240x300
wood, mirror, brass, window

Tables set / 4 parts
Dim 120x120 + 120x40

Tables set - 4 parts
120x120 + 120x40

LD 130 - Wood model
Loud speaker table by La Boîte Concept

Ceramic collection


Imagine by the artist and realised by a local ceramist, the bowls received a tranformation during the years in different performances.
You can discover the result in the studio

White bowls 27x15
1O ex

Art collection

Photographies / Films / Objects

The artist Gregory Abou presents his photography work
Limited pieces printed in darkroom in Paris.
Discover more on

View from the personnal collection
of Paola Bjaringer
Sweden / Stokholm

Print 1/3 ex size 270x190

C-print photography 70x120 from the areyouthere serie, by the artist Gregory Abou
5 ex
This project was showed at The Hertzliya Museum of Art,
Curator: Yona Fisher

Hebrew calligraphy


Frank Lalou, master of hebrew letter

Beith, 80x120 / Ink on arches paper 400 grs