israel abou

.Israel Abou reflects on what makes a home

The lay-out of the space, the colour palettes, and the materials are carefully considered, but at the heart of this reflection lie the needs of the Human. The body is central to this vision, and the garment is one of the cornerstones of the project. Empty spaces reveal the light and participate to the balance between furniture and objects, for the sake of movement and functionality. Simplicity and beauty are core elements on this quest for a more essential way of life.

Israel Abou Studio creates bespoke images, spaces, and objects.

The eye of a photographer and an innate talent for interior design, combine with the skills of an artist and craftsman. In all our spaces, an informed selection of objects illustrates the main focus of the studio: developing a healthy and respectful ART OF LIFE, to nurture the senses.

photography by Miri Davidovitz