July 2018

Private collection - Pallazio Brancolini / Venice

Candelabra 60x80 - 2 parts / Wood & natural bees wax candle


Frank Lalou, master of Hebrew calligraphy will be attended a workshop and a performance during one week in Israel.
Workshop dates are 12-13 of october and 18-19 of October
3 hours /days
For more infos & inscription, please send us an email

June 2018

Space N02

Opening Ceremony

Oct 2017

Performance of the letter

Frank Lalou, a french master of calligraphy with hebrew letter.
2 hours of live calligraphy. 

June - Oct 2017

Holon Museum

CUBE CORIAN SERIES SPEAKER is featured in the 
Sound and Matter in Design exhibition which runs june 29 - october 28, 2017